Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wednesday 9th July - What's New?

Have you met Adam Onvids?
I'm the adsonvids resident blogger and information seeker to help you with your business and your personal online ventures?

You will be seeing much more of me in the future and I'll also be adding a few personal notes in the blog's profile view, so that you get to know me better. That also helps fellow bloggers, who have similar interests, find me. That's an extra little 'word-of-mouth' tip for those of you who have your own blogs!

The blogs are still being fine tuned. Yet without fail, today, you will find another excellent collection of valuable information, for your own online business promotion strategies.

Here are your direct links to today's collection:

Blogs In Plain English
Web 3.0 and beyond
Is your market “predictably irrational”?
A Deeper Sense Of What Business Integrity Really Is
Make Your Business Card Visible and Useful
Next Generation Mini-Site Strategies
Google's Matt Cutts gives tips to small business owners
Social Media In Plain English
Walkley Foundation's Future of Journalism conference
Increased Use of Video-sharing Sites

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