Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Deeper Sense Of What Business Integrity Really Is

1942 photograph of Carpenter at work on Dougla...[Image] Whether it’s a massive Enron-type scandal or the unreliable tradesman who doesn’t call back, everyone seems to have an opinion on what integrity is and many examples of what it isn’t. So what is business integrity and why is it so important?
If we examine what business integrity is we may discover there is more to it than simply being honest and delivering on a promise. Derived from the latin word “integer’’ its root comes from the concept of “wholeness and completeness”. This gives us a pointer to a deeper sense of what business integrity really is.

Find out Why business integrity is so important to your business longevity and even your personal life. A great way to illustrate the level of your business integrity to your customers, is to get personal with your clients at

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