Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wednesday 16th July - What's New?

It seemed to take me a little more time today to finish these blogs. I'm working on a few other great resources for you. Shhh, top secret!

Hey, how did you like my video presentation today?
You missed it? OK, here you are, I'll send you to a direct link for my video introduction - me (Ads), to you.
I've also got my very own, brand new team member web page, at the adsonvids home. Any time you want, send me a quick hello and tell me if you're benefiting from the informative blog postings each week, or what you'd like to see more of.

Today's feast of business building and online marketing blog posts:

Use your blog to help your online business
Number of internet users who view videos
Start Communicating with Consumers
Competition for reputation is a significant driving force
Advantage of Internet Marketing
Smoke Signals, A Thing Of The Past!
Building Bridges Between You And Your Customers
Linking Strategies At Social Networks
Are you beginning to the see the problem?
How Many Google Searches Find You?
Zemanta Pixie

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