Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday 25th July - What's New?

The Royal Mile in the Old Town during the Edin... [Image] Hello again!

As mentioned in my last post, the adsonvids blogs will be updated each two weeks, plus there will be a blog post at The Hub every Friday, with latest news from adsonvids.

This is the update for this week and next week I'll be adding a whole lot of great material to the other adsonvids blogs.

There are quite a few new things happening, which is very 'top secret', so you'll need to wait patiently for those!

Meantime, have a look around a new page and a new video too. When you get to our adsonvids home page, you will clearly spot an intruder.

What were the team thinking, when they placed that obtrusive, red button amongst all those blues? You'll not want to miss out on the opportunity of this
Reality Check for your business marketing.

If you've been reading the Social Media blog, and a few of the others, you'll recognise the importance of getting your profile up, at social networking and bookmarking sites.

I've been busily adding myself to several of the more popular ones. Go on! Jump on in, the water's fine... go to the bottom right-hand side of this blog (and any of my our blogs). You'll see a heading titled 'Where In The World Is Ads?'

Click on any of those icons, join up and then my friend! :)
Have a top weekend and I'll be back for you, next week.

Cheers, Ads

P.S. Notice we're featuring at Zemanta again? Look below:

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