Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wednesday 30th July - What's New?

Every two weeks I find and collect some wonderful reading for you, related to promoting your business online and about what's happening on the internet, relevant to business advertising and marketing.

Remember to let me know, if there is anything about which you would specifically like to know more. I'd be more than happy do do some research for you and post about it at the relevant blog. Let me know by getting in touch at No need to be shy about that, I love hearing from you. :)

Here is the latest list of my blog posts for you, plus a couple of extras that I added in between my fortnightly blogging...

Blogs are not a business elective
The Frontiers of Interaction
What's happening in the local market
Reputation, Integrity & Business Ethics
Time For Your Business To Get Online
Marketing And Advertising Your Business On The Internet
Email Marketing
Get better website visibility in Google
Word Of Mouth Marketing Tips To Advertise Your Business
Use Web 2.0 to Make Your Business Flourish FREE!
Traits Of Successful Social Media Marketers
Know what Google is and what it wants
Latest Borrell Associates report
Create A Marketing and Advertising Video For Business
Friday 25th July - What's New?
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