Monday, July 7, 2008

Integrity Is Never Out Of Date

Primary School in Image via WikipediaHigh integrity business attracts investors. Socially responsible investing has surged impressively. The assets in screened portfolios – portfolios that exclude, for instance, tobacco and weapons companies or firms that are criticized for their labor practices – rose 227% in two years, from $162 billion to $529 billion. That’s impressive, considering that during the same period the overall market grew only 84%. The benefits of high-integrity and high-responsibility business fall into three arenas: (1) At the individual level, it is simply soul-satisfying, an exercise of our inherently spiritual nature; (2) At the corporate and community level, it leads to attracting more investors, more business, and more talented people; (3) At the society level, it increases our confidence and competence in the power of goodness

Read more interesting stats like those above, at Responsible Leadership: Base Your Leadership on Spiritual Roots by William C. Miller, Co-Founder, Global Dharma Center - From Executive Excellence, Vol. 18 No. 5, May 2001.

Ignore the date of the article. Integrity is never out of fashion when it comes to good business practice. Something of which the team at are very conscious.

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