Monday, July 7, 2008

We Shouldn't Ignore Social Networks

my friendwheelImage by robinhamman via FlickrSocial networking was big in 2006. Really big. Really, really big. MySpace has more than 50 million members. Google bought YouTube, a video-sharing site with a heavy social component, for $1.65 billion. Facebook, a social networking site for college students, is rumored to be courting buyers with a price tag in the billions as well. However, most of the social networking action in 2006 was in the consumer space. I predict 2007 will be the year when social network becomes a critical part of the business landscape. Customer-facing executives—and CSOs and CMOs in particular—need to be aware of this fundamental shift that is on the horizon if they want their companies to succeed in the wake of this transition.

Read how the connections enabled by social networks are the glue that put the humanity back into business to solve the trust problem, in Why You Shouldn't Ignore Social Networks by Christopher Carfi, Cerado Inc.
Plus listen to Josh explain, how can support your business in making that trust connection with your customers.

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