Monday, July 7, 2008

Search Engines Have Systems In Place

Illustration of [Image] Since the web is such a commercial place, with so many parties interested in ranking well for particular searches, the engines have learned that they cannot always rely on websites to be honest about their importance. Thus, the days when artificially stuffed meta tags and keyword-rich pages dominated search results (pre-1998) have vanished and given way to search engines that measure trust via links and content. The theory goes that if hundreds or thousands of other websites link to you, your site must be popular, and thus, have value.
Is that still the case....?

This piece about Information Search Engines Can Trust, came from the Beginner's Guide to Search Engine Optimization, which is a fully downloadable book from which you can glean many SEO tips and a huge bank of SEO knowledge.

Josh Williams and the team at save you personally needing to dig too deeply into such information. Hop over to their site and watch Josh's video about the adsonvids solution to 'taking care of business'.

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