Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Know what Google is and what it wants

Google Inc. [Image] If 10 years ago you’d say to someone that the New York Times would be a failure, they’d literally laugh in your face. After all, it’s an established resource with a huge subscriber base reaching all across the country.

But it’s old school. It doesn’t represent how people digest news anymore.

Considering all that the internet has to offer, it’s really no wonder we’re seeing businesses, no matter what their size, who aren’t adapting, losing.

Know what Google is and what it wants. Google delivers relevant information quickly and easily. To achieve this, does Google want web pages stuffed with keywords shouting for attention or do they want real, relevant content pertaining to specific subjects?

...if you’re not constantly swimming towards new ways to find the eyeballs of your customers, your business is gonna sink like a stone.

Paragraphs above, quoted from Eyeballs Prefer Google By Tim Paulino

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