Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thursday 17th July - What's New?

Zemanta finds new suggestions to select from, with related articles and images to dress up your own blogs. I find some very handy links in there whilst I'm researching for you.
Well, today I was totally surprised to find one of our own blogs popping up in Zemanta ...that is the best news I've had today. We're famous after only a couple of weeks blogging! See the 'Related Articles By Zemanta' box at the bottom of this blog, it has our blog post featured...

The adsonvids blogs will be updated each two weeks, plus there will be a blog post at The Hub every Friday, with latest news from adsonvids.
I'd neglected to tell you this bit of information, and I then had the thought that you might like to know what to expect!

Have a relaxing weekend. This is Ads, signing off for another week - doing your online leg work, to bring you the best and latest.

Be sure not to miss any of today's picks. There is (as usual!) great information in today's published blogs:

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