Monday, August 4, 2008

Word Of Mouth Marketing Tips To Advertise Your Business

Turkish Gözleme stall [Image] Marketing and advertising is how you spread the word about your business. As a business owner, you naturally have a huge self-interest in taking consistent actions to make consumers aware of your existence.

Your favorite customers may spread the word too, if they remember or if the opportunity shows up. Word of mouth is the most favoured and preferred way to generate new clients, and there are many ways of helping that along.

You could provide a percentage profit as incentive to customers for telling others, perhaps even host a referral contest with your products as prizes. It is a great idea to work with other business that complement yours, yet are not in direct competition. Ask them to have your products advertised in their store or on their web, and vice versa.

In partnership with several like-minded businesses, you can each offer free bonuses from the other stores or sites, these are then included with the purchase of a product from your store. It might be, if more than one product or service is purchased, that yet another free bonus gift is added for each additional item bought. Get together with a few businesses in your local area and get creative with a variety of mutually beneficial options.

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