Thursday, August 14, 2008

Make Use Of YouTube With Your adsonvids Video

We often forget that YouTube is a social community as much as it is a video-sharing site. As such, there is nothing terrible about reaching out to other users and letting them know about your content, your thoughts, or your admiration of their work.

Bulletins are an even easier way of creating short messages on your own channel profile, or leaving messages for users on their profile pages.

Another effective way of getting yourself seen is to leave a video response to another user's clip. These video responses can be created right from underneath the main video player, and can be chosen from your previously uploaded videos.

If you manage to find a group that fits your content-niche, you can join it in a single click, and then have the ability to post videos or comments to the group discussion area.

If you choose to turn on Active Sharing, every time you visit a video, your username will appear next to that video clip for 30 minutes. All of your videos will then be added to a 'videos I'm watching' section on your profile page. Via this service, curious viewers may click through to your profile, based on the fact that you are watching the same video.

These tips were collected from a great page edited by Luigi Canali De Rossi at Online Video Marketing: Ten Ways You Can Use YouTube To Promote Your Online Content, where you'll find many more to read about.

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