Saturday, August 16, 2008

Connecting Online Where Your Prospective Customers Are Most Engaged

There is much being said online about the Attention Age, Attention Economy and the Noise of the Web. How does a small business possibly keep up with it all and even compete amongst the fray? Perhaps by going back to basics and standing out with an uncomplicated site and a very much in demand, single product offer, or by connecting personally as opposed to shouting loud sales messages in capitalized, red lettering, like so many are doing online.

When you only have a few seconds to catch an internet user as they are passing through, and yes, that is what they most often do, just pass through. Then you need to have something on your site that most people will connect with naturally, organically and will respond to immediately, these being the human face, movement or sound. So why not go with all three and put up a video to connect with your web visitors.

As the internet evolves and matures, your customers and site visitors are beginning to almost expect your site to have a video and are a little taken aback when there is not one in sight. To know where your prospective clients are, you only need to observe your own online behaviour more consciously and with awareness. You are an online consumer too, how do you behave? What attracts you when you land on an effectively optimized web site?

Hardly anyone has dial up connection any longer and so the amount of information that you are exposed to online is increasing daily. More people are creating online content and more people are accessing that information, and they then want to put their own spin on the topic, therefore creating yet more content. How do business owners cut through the clutter?

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